Our Agenda

Providing aide to the needy

Spreading Public Awareness

Research and Development

Conducting research in various fields like science and technology, public health, media and entertainment, filmmaking, sociology, anthropology, psychology, mythology, FMCG sector, wildlife, politics, economy, businesses, startups, entrepreneurship, engineering, environment, architecture, art, education, Human Resources, power and energy, solar power, new and renewable energy, Information Technology, disaster management, public safety and security, sustainable development, infrastructure, natural calamities, dairy and farming, food, lifestyle, fashion, rural development, travel and excursion, sports and other such spheres.

Building Institutions

Establishing and running educational institutions i.e. schools, colleges, primary education centres, skill development centres, etc. old age homes, orphanages, women and children welfare centres, hospitals, health care centres, shelter homes, mental care hospitals, de-addiction centres, training centres, religious and spiritual centres, news and media organisations, trading hubs, business centres, fashion hubs, food centres, hospitality institutions, gyms and fitness centres, sports centres, public entertainment zones, art villages, manufacturing units for surgical, non-surgical equipment, medicines, etc.,

Charity and Welfare

Social welfare activities, supporting other individuals, organisations and institutions doing charity by providing funds and organisational assistance; Promoting Trade and Commerce, Promoting Sports, Spreading Public Awareness, Disseminating Knowledge, Environment, Sustainable Development, Health, Education, Helping Destitute, Art and Culture, Providing Legal Aid to the needy and protecting human rights, Political Awareness, Rural Development, Women Empowerment, Children Development, Wildlife, Animal Welfare, Agriculture, Rehabilitation of the needy, Skill Development, Promoting Entrepreneurship and Self Employment, Food Distribution to the needy, Conducting various events for public good and spreading awareness i.e. Health Melas with the help various specialist doctors, Educative Seminars, Gatherings of Senior Citizens, Seminars and Workshops for budding entrepreneurs, trainings and workshops for college and school kids to enhance their skills, Medicine distribution to the needy, Rehabilitating people uprooted because of natural calamities, Rehabilitating stray animals, Online and on ground Awareness programmes for farmers and citizens at large residing or working in rural areas, community service, financial aid to the needy, financial awareness programmes, police welfare, nation building, felicitating achievers, student welfare, rehabilitating sex workers, promoting public participation in good governance by the respective state governments and the Government of India, Human Resource Development, Disaster Management, Religious and Spiritual Activity, Serving and Rehabilitating Slum Dwellers, promoting wellness, serving tribals and backward people, enhancing employability and providing employment, welfare of youth, technology, information dissemination through supporting, running media organisations, spreading harmony and peace in the nation and the world, protecting human rights, farmers welfare, spreading bonhomie and fellowship, welfare activities for police and armed forces, nation building activities and campaigns, assisting the governments in their welfare state endeavours, supplying drugs, surgical and non-surgical equipment to institutions, organisations, individuals and governments, supplying grains, vegetables and other farm produces to institutions, organisations, individuals and governments, and other such charitable and public welfare activities.